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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

As with much in the civilised first world, potatoes were not native to our shores.

Walt R in typically understated pose with his hand grasping the globe. He's also overdone the rouge...

It fires potatoes. Just like cannon used to do. Watch it in action:

A spud gun similar to Bruce's

Blighted potato. Blame the lyrics of the biggest Christmas single on it. Incidentally, The Pogues probably played Fairytale of New York in Bruce's Drawing Room (he lives in a converted Athlone pub where they used to play)

How the Irish diaspora dispersed

The noble King Edward

The upstart Maris Piper

It is a tube? Is it a coffin?

A rainbow of flavours

Inside this building is the world's biggest Pringle

Yum. Salt 'n' Vinegar?

The most famous Potato in the World

The first flavoured crisps

The Flitton Potato Race

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