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Simon luxuriates in suds. Bruce gets a plug in (obviously)

Bathtubs aren't something that most of us spend a lot of time thinking about. Unless you're remodelling a home, you probably don't even think about the noble bath. But it's hard to beat the tub as a place for winding down, cleaning up, and generally finding a sense of well-being. This time, we go into the history of the tub, its use over the ages, and why you would want to spend vast amounts of money on one. As always, click on the pics to go down inescapable plugholes.

Bruce's especially huge bathtub

The oldest known existing bathtub in Crete.

An Ancient Roman bath

A Japanese bath

Bathing has many health benefits.

Archimedes and his Eureka story

Making Bathtub gin

The bath in Bath

The Jacuzzi Family Story

The patented Spider bath ladder

A Slipper bath. This is one of Bruce's pics, it's a bath in Scotland. As many Scots will tell you, you can't beat a bath in peaty water.

Le Bateau Bain - look, ma, no feet.

A history of the bathhouse. This is the one in Liverpool.

Tim Fitzhigham crossing the channel in a bath. Technically, in a bathroom...

See some of the other bets that Tim has taken on here:

The biggest 'portable' bath$118,000

Some of the world's most expensive bathtubs

The Amazonian Crystal Stone bath

$1.74m Caijou Grand Queen

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