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Updated: Apr 4

Simon puts his first foot forward. Bruce whirls fireballs.

Are you sad that you didn't have all these New Year's facts at your fingertips before New Year? Well, we imagine your friends are very grateful that we released this episode AFTER New Year's Eve! Next year...

January 1st - January named after Janus

First Footing

Fireballs in Stonehaven

The Kirkwall Ba' Game

Auld Lang Syne

The Lyrics:

And the dance...

Philippines Lucky Round Fruit

Singapore Wishing Spheres

And en masse

Times Square Ball Drop

It's at the end of this video after Paul Anka singing 'Imagine', and MUCH slower than you'd imagine.

Are you wearing lucky pants?

And finally, a New Year's world record

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2 kommentarer

05 jan.

The Stonehave Fireball March is a sight to behold. Living in Aberdeen, Stonehaven is 15 miles away though actually getting to watch them throw the fireballs into the harbour, not the river, is amazing. With the narrow street leading to the harbour, getting there early is a must.

Simon Wells
Simon Wells
05 jan.

Hooray, there's our Scottish representative! That sounds like a great event Andrew. I but there's much eating and drinking along the way too...

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