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Simon gets the hump. Bruce shows his toe.

Camels are the most amazing creatures. Designed for their habitat, they store water in their blood, fat in their hump (so they don't sweat much), and can carry large loads and run like the wind. This episode explores the beauty (literally in one case) of the design of the camel. As always, click on a pic to go down a rabbit hole.

Bruce Camel Diving

A Horse Designed by a Committee?

The difference between a Dromedary and a Bactrian Camel

Global distribution of camels

A camel hair coat

Camels in Australia

Camel eyes and nostrils and other desert survival aspects

Camel beauty competition

Modern Camel Racing

Mobile Library camel

Camel polo

Camels in War

Earth from the Air Camels


F1 Racing

Camel Case


Camel Dullas noise

Silk Road camel traffic lights

Camel Festival

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