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Simon keeps it under his hat. Bruce keeps mum.

We almost made it to 30 minutes, but it's a fascinating subject and worth the extra six minutes! Secrets have been around forever, and we barely scratch the surface in this episode. However, as we scratch, we uncover a whole realm of subcutaneous facts that will surprise and delight you.

KFC's secret recipe

The Coca-Cola secret

Dr Pepper's secret

Lea & Perrins secret

Irn Bru's secret

The Chapel of the Tablet

North Korean Room 39

Chang zhu National security Museum (Chinese Spy Museum )

James Bond Prop Exhibition

Official Secrets Acts 1911 to 1989

Different levels of 'Secret' in the UK

Different M.I.s

The Illuminati

Area 51 (Paradise Ranch)

The Lockheed U2 Spy Plane

Mercury, Nevada

Menwith Hill

The US Secret Service

William Marston

Genghis Khan's Burial Place

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