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Bruce bleats on. Simon tells some baaaad jokes

Sheep are part of our heritage. We have worn woollen clothing forever, we have walked on woollen carpets from Axminster. We have work sheepskin in fighter planes and in used car lots. There's more to sheep than black or white. Click on the pics, as always, for shaggy stories.

Telling Goats from Sheep

Sumerian gods

Duttur was one of many Mesopotamian deities

Sheep turn left

White House sheep

Freeman of the City of London driving sheep across London Bridge

Hollywood laws. You can't drive more than 2000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard

Madrid drovers enforce the law of transhumance

Sheep in Wales during the pandemic lockdown

Canada experiments with poisoned darts on sheep in WW2

Ian Elkins shears 40kg of fleece

Sheep shearing records - the legendary Jack Howe

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