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NASA is so well known that it's synonymous with space exploration. This time, the rabbit holes you'll enter by clicking the pics are more like wormholes!

Check the episode to discover how Simon blasts off, and Bruce prepares for re-entry.

NACA created in1915

1958 Eisenhower creates NASA

The Russians and Space

JFK's speech

The First Moon Landing (with the quote corrected)

Locations of NASA

Aligators on the runway at Kennedy

The Story of Area code 321

The Astronaut training film - Armageddon'

Steve Buscemi wrapped in duct tape as per the manual

The Astronaut Nose Scratcher (Valsalva)

The Nasalnaut and his story

How to make food for space flight.

Peanut butter in space - Simon was wrong!

The inventor of the Supersoaker

The cheating LZR Swimsuit

Playtex made a space bra - and they make the suits, too!

We'll always admit when we've got it wrong. There IS a link between Playtex and space suits, but it's that the bra manufacturers made the space suits for Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. And it's a great story. We're so disappointed that we missed it!

The Meatball Logo

The Worm Logo

$125,000 pizza printer in space

The full story behind the three Yemeni's who laid claim to Mars

NASA Earth monitoring satellites

Check out the image of the day every day - this one is from Namibia

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