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Updated: Apr 15

Simon flies through the air with the greatest of ease, Bruce is daring.

This time, we're running away to join the circus. From the Circus Maximus to the painting of clown faces on eggshells, this episode contains all the fun of the circus.

As usual, click the pics for more information and terrible rabbit holes!

Circus Maximus

Apologies for the voice - it's not us!

Colchester Roman Circus

A Calleope

Modern Circus with Horses - Phillip Astley 1773

A hippodrome, or Circus

J Purdey Brown's tent

Barnum and Bailey

New Circus - Bruce's Archaos experience

Modern circus

Cirque de Soleil

Circus school prospectus

Gentleman Juggling

Clown egg register

From Atlas Obscura - a great website and podcast

Circus language

The entry of the gladiators

A Calliope

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