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Updated: Apr 15

Bruce is hooked. Simon is fishing for compliments.

Fishing, or rather, angling, is still the UK's most popular pastime

Spey Casting

Paleolithic offshore fishing

Fishing Techniques

Catfish fishing

Trout tickling (Noodling)

Flounder tramping

Ice Fishing

Cormorant fishing

Kite fishing

The Million Dollar Lure

The foot-long "lure" comprises three pounds of platinum and gold festooned with 4,753 diamonds and rubies,

Magnet Fishing

Fishing Superstitions

The world's largest-caught fish

Various Big Fish records from Field and Stream

The world's largest collection of fishing lures.

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Mar 21

As I work within the oil indusrty, the word fishing actual is a term for capturing equipment that has broken in the well. They will use specialist equipment and "fish" for the broken tools. This is a vital part of the industry to ensure that operation downtime are kept to a minimum.

Simon Wells
Simon Wells
Mar 22
Replying to

Is that so Andy? How interesting! Do you ever hook out equipment that you didn't realise was down there? (No safes, I assume 😉)

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