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Updated: Apr 15

Simon drills down..., and Bruce fills in.

Dentistry—science? Craft? Artform? Torture? Or all of these? In this episode, we look at the history of dentistry, what dentists have invented, and lots more brilliant stuff to make you smile. Click on the pics to go down any particular rabbit hole.

Simpsons British Smiles

Hesi-Ra - the first dentist

Toothache Cures

Barber surgeons

An Ancient Toothbrush

George Washington's teeth

The history of Colgate

That Gibbs SR Commercial

The Diamond Dentist, Tom Connely

The most people brushing their teeth at once

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2 comentarios

Kelly Hicks
Kelly Hicks
15 mar

My first dentist, who remained my dentist for the next 30 years, had the perfect name. Dr. Craig Rencher

Me gusta
Simon Wells
Simon Wells
16 mar
Contestando a

Well, that's nominative determinism right there!!

Me gusta
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