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Bruce is keen as mustard. Simon talks turkey.

East Anglia is hard to get to from London, which is probably why it's been allowed to keep so much of its unique character! And Norfolk is even further away than Suffolk, so it's special in all kinds of ways. This episode looks at just some of the character and characters that make up this distinctive county.

Click on the pics for more on the subjects.

The Royal family's little holiday cottage - Sandringham

Howard Carter, Son of Swaffham

Julian of Norwich

Apparently, she liked cats and marbles...

Want to know what Anchorites and Anchoresss are?

The World's First Valentine's Card

The Norfolk Broads

As mentioned in David Bowie's 'Life on Mars'

Hoseason's history

Wally Hoseason

Norfolk and Industry

Colmans mustard

Lotus Cars, Hethel (Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious)

Norfolk cuisine

Norfolk turkeys - click the pic for the story of walking them to London

Cromer Crabs

Norfolk's most famous son

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronte KB 

Norfolk dialect

Learn some Norfolk words.

The Singing Postman

Sale of the Century

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