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Updated: Apr 4

In this episode, Bruce claimed that his old man was a dustman (in song). Simon dug into a Roman garbage patch.

The pictures below are mostly linked to bigger stories for those of you who would like to dig deeper into rubbish. Click on a pic to find out more

The biggest Roman Rubbish Dump. Click this pic to find out more.

The Swedes love Norwegian rubbish. Click the pic.

F1 Tyres. Click this pic to discover how they're disposed of.

An excerpt from 'Of the Dustmen of London'

The Taiwanese Garbage Truck song

Rubbish on the Moon

Rubbish on Mount Everest

M6 Toll Road Mills and Boone

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Polartec is made from pop bottles

Girl Guides collecting bottle tops for the Blue Petter Guide Dogs Appeal.

The history of R Whites


Deposit Return Scheme

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