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Bruce puts on his bicycle clips. Simon becomes a spokes-man

This time it's life on two wheels as Simon and Bruce investigate the history and tragedy (sorry, MAMILs) and the general story of the bicycle. From its bone-shaking beginnings to the oddest tandem, you'll discover much more about the bike than you ever wanted to know!

A tricycle with a boot similar to Bruce's - turns out it was made by Triang

A BMX similar to Simon's

Here's a Dandy on a Dandy Horse.

Here's another one

A Penny and a Farthing (Bruce just about remembers buying a currant bun for a farthing!)

Mounting a penny farthing

The history of Sturmey Archer

The Safety Bicycle

An early Ariel Fixed gear bicycle

A modern Ariel car

Orville and a neighbour in Wright's bicycle workshop

A postman's bicycle - The Pronto by Pashley, as ridden by Simon (not pictured)

Bicycles in wartime (excuse the appalling music - you may want to mute it)

A very famous film scene of a cowboy on a bicycle...

A recumbent bicycle

184 mph on a bicycle

The VeloSolex - Bruce got the name a bit wrong! There's a novelty...

(Even if you don't speak German, you'll still get the idea)

The world's longest bicycle

The Goodies 'Trandem'

The world's longest tandem

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1 comentário

WoodyG Yates
WoodyG Yates
28 de jan.

Hang on...Simon, you mentioned Ariel washing powder. You have that in the UK? That's what i use here in the US. Who'da knew?

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