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Updated: Jan 28

Bruce pops up for a bit. Simon is all cut up.

This time we discuss how pretty paper can be. Whether it's folded, cut, curled, or mashed, paper is immensely versatile. Come in and listen to a little 'Silhouetta' of two men!

Starting with Origami

And the people chain.

The secret is having the right paper...

How far will your paper aeroplane fly? This one went 252ft!

Or a cherry blossom?

Early Pop up books

This is Robert Sabuda’s interpretation of a spinning calendar dial by Matthew Paris from1240

An early 'Lift the Flap' book

‘The anatyme of the inwarde partis of man and woman’ (c.1559) is an example of an anatomy print with multiple liftable flaps that reveal the interior organs of a naked man and woman seated beside each other. The illustration is a woodcut with hand-colouring and the woman holds a sign with the motto “Nosce te ipsum. Knowe thyself”.

Fashion cutouts from 1800

Bruce's Formula One Pack Pop-up book

Spectacular Kirigami

Quite delightful Quilling

And as promised, Starry Night

Creating a Silhouette

Papier maché

How to make an elephant out of papier maché

A big Piñata

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