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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Bruce waves the skull and crossbones. Simon scintillates about Semaphore.

A History of Chinese Flags.

Notice how many claws the Qing Dynasty dragon has...

Roman Standards - or Vexilloids

An epic Chinese battle scene

The Royal Standard of the United Kingdom

A Mourning Cravat

Two-thirds mast - OK, half mast.

Naval Signal Flags and Pennants

The dreaded Skull and Crossed Bones

Bartholomew Roberts' flag

The origin of the classic piratical flag?

Three flags in one

The most recognisable flag there is! (This is Bruce's 'Very British Voice' Voiceover Logo)

Burning the Stars and Stripes

...but not the Hippy way. For the full story, check out the DOD page.

Flag day pins

Sensational Semaphore

A Semaphore Tower


Waving the white flag

Racing Marshal Flags

The Superflag - the biggest flag in the world.

And the smallest flag?

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