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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Simon goes potty. Bruce is flushed with success.

An ancient Egyptian toilet. It's rather fancy, isn't it?

Here's a replica of a Xylospongium, aka a Roman Toilet brush with a sponge.

A luxurious Roman bath.

Syrian Roman Hamman

An example of a Garderobe

The plans for Harrington's flushing toilet

The Great Stink in London

Bazalgette's plans for sewers

A typical Parisian Pissoir

The first commercially available toilet paper.

And then came one with little perforations...

The Farmers Almanac with its handy hole.

Thomas Crapper still makes toilets and other bathware.

A Toto toilet. You know you want one. Do you have £4,500 to spend a penny?

The Glitter Shitter - A Swarovski Toilet

A Space Station Toilet Tour

Marcel Duchamps' Fountain

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