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This is a plug for Factoraly!

...And this is a plug for a canal.

Jack Rothwell and his workmates were dredging a busy stretch of the Chesterfield Canal, near Retford in Nottinghamshire. It had proved quite a problem, what with all the mud and rusting bicycles, prams and refrigerators. Now they were finding it impossible to shift a heavy iron chain lying on the bottom of the canal.

Finally, Jack, foreman of the gang, ordered the chain to be hooked to their dredger. Driver Kevin Bowskill started up and, with one sharp tug, the obstruction was freed. The workmen hauled in the chain, along with a large block of wood that was attached to the end of it, and knocked off for a tea-break.

While they were away, a passing policeman noticed an extraordinary whirlpool in the normally placid canal. He also noticed that the water level was falling. He rushed off to find the dredging gang. By the time they all returned, the canal had disappeared. It was then that realisation dawned. Jack and his men had pulled out the plug of the canal. One-and-a-half miles of waterway had gone down the drain.

The plug, put there by James Brindley when he built the waterway 200 years earlier, had remained undisturbed until Jack's gang came along in the summer of 1978. Now, the millions of gallons of water that had filled the canal were all draining into the nearby River Idle. All that was left were a number of forlornly grounded holiday cruisers, complete with angry owners, the dredger itself, which was stuck firmly on the muddy bottom ... and a plughole.”

The Nicholas Treslo Sink Stopper

Ladies and Gentlemen. The plug chart!

  • Type A - Canada, United States, Japan, and Mexico

  • Type B - Canada, United States, and Mexico

  • Type C - widely used throughout Asia, Europe, and South America

  • Type D - India

  • Type E - Belgium, Czechia, France, Poland, and Slovakia

  • Type F - Commonly used in Europe and Russia

  • Type G - Widely used in the Arabian Peninsula and United Kingdom, as well as in Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, and Singapore

  • Type H - Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank

  • Type I - Australia, Argentina, China, and New Zealand

  • Type J - Only used in Liechtenstein and Switzerland

  • Type K - Only used in Denmark and Greenland

  • Type L - Only used in Chile and Italy

  • Type M - Only used in South Africa

  • Type N - The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)’s choice for the standard universal plug. Mainly used in Brazil and South Africa.

A Very British Type G Plug

Stop here if you don't want to read about another type of plug...

Tree. by Paul McCarthy. A 79-ft. (24m.) high, inflatable butt plug in the Place Vendome in Paris. Then again, it could be a Christmas Tree...

And a fine collection of butt plugs

And finally,

In-ear monitors like Bruce's. They are just great - especially on aeroplanes with a screaming child!

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